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Using Shared Printer on XP from Mac OS X 10.4.11


Sorry if this is a dumb or already answered question (I did search first). I have a new boss who has brought her own MAC to work on (OS X 10.4.11). We have a Windows domain and she would like to use a printer (canon iP4600) attached locally to a PC running windows XP SP2.

The printer is correctly shared and I know the IP address of the PC and the share name - it is also listed in the directory.

The MAC is connected to our network and can use our internet connection etc etc. The MAC's firewall is on but we have enabled windows sharing.

When we try to add the printer we can't find it or even know how to specify it by address and share name, and I am a PC person who doesn't understand MACs. I can't find any good advice.

Any help gratefully received
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Just for the record, a MAC in all capital letters is a unique identifying number associated with a network interface. The acronym MAC stands for Media Access Control.

The computer name is Macintosh, which can be shortened to Mac. Note that other than the initial letter, the rest of the letters are in lower case, since it is not an acronym. Especially when discussing computer networking, the term MAC is very important, and the computer type (Mac) should never be capitalized like that. It's really confusing.

As far as your question, it's usually very easy to see a shared printer on the network. The basic directions can be found here: Mac 101: Connect your printer.

If it doesn't work out as easy as those instructions for you, for example if Printer Setup Utility's browser doesn't show you any printers, then it's still easy to add a printer using it's IP address, which you say that you know. Directions are here: Mac OS X: How to manually add a Windows shared printer.

If you are still having problems after going through those explanations, come back and tell us in detail what's happening, what you see on screen when you try to add the printer, and as much further detail as possible, and we'll help you out further.

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