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SSH RSA keys security question

I want to make sure I haven't made a security mistake in setting up my RSA keys in configuring SSH. The SLS manual contains a guide that has the private key stored on the server, and the public key stored in a authorized_keys2 file on the remote mac I will be connecting from. In practice, this seems to bypass the password protection I specified when I ran keygen (I am not being prompted for the key password). It also seems to be opposite what I have read on a lot of websites regarding how to setup SSH.

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Other way round. The private key stays on YOUR computer (hence 'private') and the public key goes in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file on the computer you want to connect to. If it's done properly you won't be asked for a password when you log in again - that's the whole point of public/private keys.
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Though it would probably be a good idea to not use a passphrase-less key-pair. If your private key ever gets out, anyone can login to your machines just as you would. It'd be better to use a passphrase that can be cached by the system Keychain or gpgagent.
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So is the apple manual wrong, or did I just read it wrong?

Strangely, after setting it up backwards, I've been able to log in to the server fine! Is there a setting I needto change to REQUIRE the use of RSA keys, and deny attempts without the key?
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Got it working right finally. Put the private key on my laptop, and the public key on the server and now I can login without a password.

What was confusing me was that I was being offered a password prompt when logging in, and was able to successfully connect when I entered it. After reading more, what I see was that the RSA key was not working, and SSH was dropping back to password authentication. Since I knew the correct password (mine), I was getting successfully logged in anyway.

Taking a look at the secure.log shows me the server is undergoing a constant stream of dictionary attacks, so next I read some more about SSH, and was able to completely turn off password authentication (in /etc/sshd_config), so that only RSA keys can get you in. That's a nice feature!
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rsa, ssh

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