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Unhappy Connect Snow Leopard Mac to shared folder on OS9 Mac

I have an old G4 running OS9, happily connected to an AirPort Extreme via Ethernet cable; file sharing is turned on (with password!), and I can even access the Internet with it. I had a MacBook Pro running Tiger (10.4.11) that connected wirelessly to the AirPort Extreme, and if I wanted to mount the shared disks on the old G4 I'd simply open a new window, click on "Network," and after a few moments the G4 would show up, I'd select it, type in password, and voila -- I could even use the MacBook Pro as a "passthrough" to back up files from the G4 onto an external FireWire drive connected directly to the MacBook Pro.

The original MBPro had a major hissy fit and now I have a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard (10.6.2), and although everything else seems A-OK it just never can see the G4 on the wireless network. (Becoming critical as components on the G4 are beginning to fail!) When I open a new window, there's no "Network" in the sidebar -- and even though I have all the categories of "Shared" items checked in for the sidebar in Finder Preferences, that category never shows up in Finder windows. Worse, I can't find any other way to look for the (supposedly) connected G4. (Yes, file sharing is active on the MacBook Pro.)

I've tried starting up (and restarting) both Macs in different orders, tried turning sharing on & off, tried begging them to talk to each other, but no joy.

I found a tech note on apple.com that mentioned directly connecting the OSX and OS9 Macs with a FireWire cable, but this will be very kludgy physically in the space available... Not to mention the G4 uses FW400 and the laptop FW800... sigh.

Any ideas? Back when System 7 was new stuff, I was a "guru" but these days I feel like a perpetual newbie...
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It's due to lack of modern support for classic AFP (i.e., Appleshare NOT over IP).

MacOS 9 has the option of using AppleShare over IP, which should be see-able and mountable from a modern OSX box. Mess around in the Sharing and AppleTalk/ (or was it AppleShare?) Control Panels, see if there is a checkbox or radio button for piggybacking AppleShare on top of TCP/IP.

Alternatively, install one of the free apps that lets you act as an FTP host from MacOS 9: I always used MacSSH, but NCSA Telnet will also do the job. Neither of them is in any obvious way geared towards FTP processes but both of them do it anyway, as one or another obscure menu item. You pick which folder to share and what account/password to set up for FTP sharing. From OSX you can Connect To it using ftp:// and dragcopy the files out. Avoid/change Unix-hostile file & folder names like "Pink Floyd/Eclipse.mp3" or "Accounts Unpaid / InArrears".

Alternatively (II), find a copy of Thursby Systems' product DAVE of the OS9 vintage, and set up smb sharing on your OS 9 box and mount that share from OS X.

Alternatively (III), reboot the G4 in Target Disk Mode and hook a firewire cable to it and the modern Mac, which will mount the G4's drive(s) on its desktop as external storage devices, and dragcopy files off. This obviously can't be done on-the-fly while the G4 is still in use / booted, but it's fast and efficient.
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I've never been able to connect a 10.6.x to a pre-OSX system.
The inverse is possible though: you can connect from the OS9 to the 10.6.2 using Apple Menu > Chooser > AppleShare > Server IP Address > 10.6.2_computer_IP_address > 10.6.2_username_and_password.

my 2 cents..
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Smile Use Fetch!

I have the same problem. I had a lovely ethernet based network through out my office and apartment and after my Leopard upgrade .... poof! .... no longer able to network with my Dual G4 tower that is running OS9.

After weeks of having to transfer files (that computer runs a scanner only) via restarts and firewire I decided to do some digging and realized that Fetch 3.0.3 was installed on the OS9 tower.

So now I've turned on File Sharing and enabled FTP options on my OSX Leopard machine and I can connect from OS9 via FTP. OSX will give you an IP address to connect to.

So I get to take full advantage of Ethernet speeds (as muc has OS9 allows).

Check out Fetch.

Technically I think could upgrade my version, but why mess with a good thing.

As far as fenrack's statement, I've never been able to connect via appleshare from my OS9 machine.
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