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Workaround for Snow Leopard and Quark 7.5 printing crash


As many of us quark 7.5 users know, when you upgrade to Snow Leopard it can make printing a 50/50 chance of crashing out after it's gone to spooling. In console it tells us that the quarkpstops filter is missing.

Quark released a fix earlier on, in leopard, in the guise of an installer that throws a shell script in the /usr/libexec/cups/filter/ folder. Now, the installer in snow leopard refuses to work so I extracted the script with pacifist (cheers charlesoft) and threw it in the folder (metioned above) and chmod'd 755 and chown'd to root:wheel. It kind of helped make printing more reliable but it was not a proper fix. I could still create pdf/eps's very reliably so all was not really lost.

I gave up on this and decided to make a pure workaround with Applescript, Automator and a Folder Action.

Our workflow demands that we print proofs at 100% for checking, of course we only have up to A3 so anything bigger than A3 is shrunk to fit printer margins.

Click below to download the Automator Workflow for the folder action -


Here's how to use it-

You have to create a folder on the desktop called TOPRINT. The folder action is written for the Default Printer but on request I could show you how to adapt it to select another printer and then switch back to default after. The script automatically changes the pages setup/page orientation to suit the page size so it prints at 100% (no scaling to fit) within the margins for minimal waste. Although anything larger than A3 will be scaled/oriented to fit. The eps/pdf files in the TOPRINT folder will be automatically deleted leaving a clean folder. The TOPRINT folder must be on the desktop for this to work.

Double click the workflow and it should open in automator and look like this:

I've put a 30 second pause before the action runs so that quark has enough time to finish PDF/EPS'ing the file (change it to whatever you need tho, you may have smaller/larger files requiring more or less time)

The next item down is the "Open Finder Items" drop down, we run Acrobat Pro 9 that comes with CS4 but if you are still CS3 etc... all you have to do is change that to your current version, you might have to select "other" in the drop down and navigate to your Apps folder. Once done all you have to do is save.

Make sure you have "Log Errors" turned off in your Quark Preferences>Application>PDF>Error Settings (this will disable that naff .log file that accompanies the pdf, it can mess things up for the script).

Anyone who fancies improving this is more than welcome. Much credit to Mark67 and clemhoff at the macscripter.net forum who had similar scripts and I shamelessly adapted bits from theirs to mine!

Hope this is of use to someone, it makes my day just that little bit easier.
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Maybe I don't understand...

It looks like this workflow/work around works for PS/PDF out of Acrobat. But my issue, specifically, is that Quark crashes when I print a QUARK document. My output to PDF is fine, and I can print PDFs fine as well. Maybe I'm not understanding this properly, but will this work around help me print my 2-page Quark spreads without having to output as a PDF?
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