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Airport Extreme , DD-WRT, wireless bridge

I just purchased an Airport Extreme N, to compliment my DD-WRT (WRT54G). The DD-WRT is plugged into my DSL modem.

In my office (30 feet away) , I have a MBP, an Xbox, and a FreeNas server.

I want to wirelessly connect the Airport Extreme to the DD-WRT for the use of the internet, so that I can use the wired Gigabit ports to hook up the Xbox, FreeNas, and the MBP.

In other words, I want the Xbox, FreeNas, to have internet, as well as Gigabit transfer speeds for streaming HD, FTP, etc....

Is what I am describing even possible ? I ran the airport admin utility and it says that my Airport has succesfully joined my existing network , but when I hardwire my freenas, I get nothing
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I can't test this, but I think that under the "Wireless" tab of the Airport Utility, you have to choose to "extend a network".
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If you are running DD-WRT firmware you can boost your signal by increasing the power of the signal. Just be careful as it can cause over heating. I live in a solid brick, stone, steel, and cement building and I can get signal on the top floor of my building (granted it is only 4 stories high) and my apartment is a 1st floor apartment.
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Foolish Question You have a wonderful Extreme N and Older G class router why would you want to dumb down to Extreme to G.

Is the Extreme N simultaneous dual band (meaning it can broadcast on 2.4 and 5ghz at the sime time)?

If I am not missing something you gain nothing speed wise linking the devices to Gig Ethernet ports and then connecting Wirelessly @ G speeds.

The Extreme N can handle all your needs. It has the WAN port for your modem and 3 Ethernet connections for Hard wire ports.

I suppose that if the issue is between your network closet and your devices then your trying to bring the Xbox and Freenas on the Net without adding two $30 $80 Wireless adapters to them.

Why not reverse the equation and put the Extreme in the closet and use WRT54G as the local switch. 100mbs wired is way faster the 54G, though only between the devices on the switch just like you were going to have before in the reverse... And your MBP can can connect N class speeds.

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Should I choose "extend a network" if I am wanting to join the internet in my office ? I will try it. If not, I think the only thing I can do at this point is to purchase an additional Wireless N router. I hope that that is not the case. We shall see.
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Extending your network is most reliable with the same hardware manufacturer. That said The Airport Extreme can either can join an existing or be joined even when the manufacturer is not the same. I believe the same is true for the WRT54G, though someone else might be more familiar. As you mention if your non office devices are all near each and can be wired as you planned you might choose to buy a second N class router to get the full speed benefit. Also with 2 routers like the Extreme N or Extreme N Dual Band the current Model. You also have the option of restricting your network to the more interference free 5ghz band on N (N does both 2.4 and 5ghz). Some will tell you that 5ghz has less range or at least ability to get through walls and such. This is true. But at the same time 5ghz is much more immune to interference that saps the 2.4ghz band.

You have not really laid our your goals or network design completely though we are going on the following assumption:
1) You Office 30 Ft away currently has the WRT54G Wirelesss
2) You want to wirelessly connect your office your home (you can not do this wired?)
3) You bought an Airport Extreme N (New or Used [this would answer the Dual band question though you could also google the part number]).
4) Only your Macbook Pro has Wireless connectivity
5) Your other devices have Ethernet ports
6) Your other devices are close enough to each other to use a wired connection (Xbox and FreeNas)

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You hit it on the head

Yes to all of your answers. The Airport Extreme is the new one with N, and gigabit ports. I can't run Ethernet to the WRT54G or I would already be doing that. Whenever I do try to 'extend' the network I get the error 'You can't connect to it....' I went online and I have read a couple of places that the Linksys would also need to be an N router for that feature to work.

I have hacked together a semi-solution. I am currently enabling Internet Sharing from the MBP using the Airport Express, going to the Ethernet Port.

It only semi works because I can't see Rivet because I am on not on the same subnet or DNS servers. The internet works on the FreeNas server as I am able to use it as a Bittorent server. The weird thing is that I am no longer able to FTP into the FreeNas with the Internet Sharing enabled.

One last thought.... should I plug the ethernet from the MBP to the WAN port of the Airport Extreme ? Currently it is plugged into the first switch. The Xbox is plugged into the second switch.
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Little more

I still think you will be better off using the Extreme N in the Office\"Network Closet"

You Macbook sharing idea is creative but only a partial solution. Note that the Extreme N gig also has a model with simultaneous Dual band broadcasting been out about 9 months.

I am not in front of my mac so I am sorry to be less precise. Even with two Apple Router's there will be changes to make on both routers, and even with an Apple and a Linksys too.

1) Whether to allow a network to be extended or allow WDS/
2) Whether to join or participate in in a Wireless network.

I wish I were in front of my mac but on the Office/Network closet side you will need to allow and on home side you will need to join or participate.

***I am confused about something you mention about 2 VLANs can you calrify that. At least for now a simpler design would involve one VLAN.
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Airport Extreme DD WRT wireless bridge

from what Ive experienced so far Rawr, regardless of whether the connection is wired or wireless, you can manage everything in this firmware. Including port forwarding, dmz, etc...you want those for gaming.

Ive not much experience with port forwarding yet but plan on messing with it tonight. I can tell you that its improved my wireless speeds immensely already.
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airport extreme wireless, dd-wrt, freenas

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