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system upgrades


When I perform system upgrades, several of the upgrades do not install and I get an error message for those applications. How do I get all the upgrades to install? Thank you,

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What system upgrades exactly? What operating system version are you using now? Exactly what computer is it?

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System upgrade problem and printer problem


I am working in OSX 10.5.7. on a Mac Mini - 1.66GHz with 2GM memory. The box is about 5 years old. I use an external firewire hard drive as my primary start-up drive.

The upgrades that won't load are:
Digital Camera Raw Compatible V 2.6 ( not sure I need this as I don't have one of the camera's on the list)
Remote Desktop Client Update V 3.3.1
Airport Utility software update V 5.4.2
iDVD update V 7.0.4
Quicktime V 7.6.4
iTunes v 9.0.2
iLife Support V 9.0.3
iWork '09 Update 3 V 9.0.3

That's it. I have plenty of hard drive space so that is not a problem.

I am new to posting on this and also posted a problem under Applications regarding my inability to print with some applications. it is under Lumcheesal and from around the same time yesterday. if you have any help you can proffer on these it would be most appreciated.

Thank you,

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Try upgrading to 10.5.8 first then run those updates.
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Have you moved any of those applications out of the Macintosh HD/Applications folder?
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upgrades won't load

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