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RCN smtp mail server error on alternate networks

Hello everyone,

I've been searching through this forum recently and found a few threads which dealt with a similar problem, but not exactly. I was hoping I might impose for a bit more assistance.

Here's the issue.

I've been using Mail (Mac app) to manage my email without problems until the last few days. Recently I began to get error messages when attempting to send email out while on other networks (i.e. networks not run by RCN). The message say that the connection is being refused with trying to connect with smtp.rcn.com. This seems to be in keeping with what other people on the forum have encountered, however the strange thing is that Mail is reporting the error on port 110, not port 25 like everyone else.

I do not use SSL, nor have I set up Mail specifically to use port 110. I never used to have such errors, is there something that I can do to make this better? Any advice that I can gain would be very much appreciated!
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Port 110 is POP incoming mail port (POP).
It could be that settings were changed ie .pop.rcn.com was changed to smtp.rcn.com in Mail Accounts.

It is likely that other ISPs are blocking any un-authenciated mail from being sent on Port 25.

You may have to turn on authentication and put in your email username and password or change the SMTP port number to 465 or 587. Ask your email provider what their alternative ports are and setup in mail.

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