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Cisco Packet Tracer 5 on OSX?

I'm curious if it is possible to run Cisco Packet Tracer 5 on OS X? I'm an Academy Instructor, and though Ciscos instructor web page you can download a win32 binary and a Ubuntu 7.10 self-extractor. No source code, but no surprice there - that's not the Cisco way.

I downloaded the Ubuntu .bin file and manage to extract the .deb file, the EULA and an installer. (If you like to check it out, the self extractor puts it contents in /tmp i a folder called self.extractor.XndjlSD or something similar).

I tried this:

sudo dpkg -i ./PacketTracer-5.2-u-i386.deb

The file is not binary compatible with the darwin system. I get this error message:

The architecture (i386) does not match the system architecture (darwin-i386).

Is there any way around this other than emulated win/linux environment or recompiling the source code? Or does anyone have any other tip on getting Packet Tracer 5 (earlier versions are crap) running on a mac?
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There's no way around it.
I'd recommend using "VirtualBox" (free) with a copy of Windows (not free).
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or virtualbox (free), and ubuntu (free)
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well since my cisco instructor is probably going to give me a F, i might as well try to win another over lol....

dont download the deb, thats compiled for ubuntu only. your going to want to snag a more generic version of the packet tracer program.

i get the generic ubuntu tar @


then open terminal through spotlight

in terminal

first create opt, because this package wont install right if its not installed to opt...

sudo mkdir /opt
(if you dont have sudo ur fired... run 'passwd' with out the '' marks in terminal, and hit enter for your blank old password, and then type in a new password and remember it or face reformatting in the future)


cd Downloads
tar -xf PacketTracer533_Generic_Ubuntu.tar.gz
cd PacketTracer53/
sh install
then say yes yes yes yes to all the garbage, and NO to symlinking to /usr/local/bin because its probably not in your path. (i dont have a mac, though i just did this procedure for a friend 20 minutes ago on an old old version of a packet tracer tar archive)

echo $PATH
will tell you if /usr/local/bin is in your path, its not in mine... /usr/bin however is... therefore i have to

sudo ln -s /opt/pt/packettracer /usr/bin/packettracer
then to run packet tracer it should just be

in terminal &/or (applekey) + space

this does not depend upon dpkg/deb/fink and as such is a generic install from linuxfromscratch/slackware/ubuntu/puppy/fedora/mandriva/openbsd/freebsd (as in its a GENERIC UNIX INSTALL not distribution specific) they should roll out a generic tar not carrying an ubuntu label but i imagine they want to support their products as little as possible
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since i cannot edit original post.... you must have 2 things installed to support packet tracer.


and i believe your machine comes with webkit if it is osx

to install wine

tar -xf wine* && cd wine* && ./configure --prefix=/usr && make && sudo make install
and webkit should be similar except for replacing all instances of above wine code 'wine' with 'webkit'

tar -xf wine* && cd wine* && ./configure --prefix=/usr && make && sudo make install
if configure stops in its tracks, either install what ever dependency stops it, or use ./configure --help to figure out what to 'disable'

ensure you use --prefix=/usr as --prefix=/usr/local is default when issuing './configure' alone

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can the admin / mod merge my posts together please...


yes sir it is entirely possible to install wine with a mac dmg image.

i got my F from ferris, the cisco teacher is entirely corrupted brags about 50% failure rate, and fails the top of the class for fun.

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