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iPhone type predictive/autocorrect text on Mac OS X?

Is there any desktop app or extension that functions like the iPhone's predictive autocorrect? I find that I still type a little faster on the keyboard than on the iPhone, but I'm wondering what the ability to not even look down to find the home row on the keyboard would do to my speed.

What makes me so fast on the iPhone is that I don't have to look at the keyboard, I just start typing, and it's usually fairly good at filling what I meant. If I'm typing a word that starts with an "s", I can press on any letters surrounding s, and so on through the word. Makes it so that I could have been half an inch to the right on the iPhone screen, but it still figured out what I was going to type. This might work less well on a keyboard with discrete buttons, but I'd love to try it anyway.

The only desktop apps like this I've seen are things where you need to give abbreviations like "gv" if you want the software to type "government".

Thanks, Ian
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I don't think so, though the next-generation idea of predictive sentence technology has already been parodied with The Onion's MacBook Wheel prototype:


Some of the sentences predicted from "The a" are quite funny. My favorite:

The Althusserian scholar gave his copy of Lacan's "Ecrits" to the abortion doctor.

It seems like only yesterday I was reaching for that very idea!
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There are companies that sell this sort of technology to people and therefore you will probably not see an "application" for the predictive text thing. This is unfortunate as I think this would be usefull on many devices including computers.
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