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Applescript for sequentially numbering files??

Anyone know where I can find a script to add a sequential prefix number to files in a folder?
(ie: 01_image.jpeg, 02_otherimage.jpeg, 03_anotherimage.jpeg)
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If you don't require Applescript (of which I'm no help), you may want to consider the donationware Name Mangler since it can number files sequentially.
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If an Automator Workflow is OK (vs. an applescript), you can do it by making an Automator Workflow fairly easily. If you really want an Applescript, I can write one for you and paste the required code into a new post.

I will give you a workflow for now, since I can make it faster. I will list in text form what Automator Actions you need to add in the following example action:
TITLE (same as name of action in Automator Library)
Options: (any description of what you need to configure in the current
automator action to make it work correctly.)

Here is an Automator Workflow you can try:

- Optional: set "start in" folder to a different folder
- Check "Allow Multiple Selection"
Note: It is your choice if you want to copy the files before modifying them.
If you do, there will be a third action in this workflow, before this one
but after the first one shown here.
- Set first drop-down box to "Make Sequential"
- Click radio button ("circle") next to Add number to existing item name
- Set "Place number" to "before name"
- Set "start numbers at" to the number you want to start the count at
- Set "separated by" to "underscore" (this will insert a "_" after each number)
- Optional: if you want the numbers the same length, check "Make all numbers"
and set the length.
- Look at the example at the bottom to see if the format is correct.

Then just run it! When the file selection box shows up, use the shift key to select a continuous list of files, or command to select each file you click.
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That Name Mangler app is great.

The Automator workflow is what I needed! Thanks I have to use automator more often
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I use Automator for this and have a generic 'batch rename' so that I can name files what I want instead of a pre-determined string like Applescript would give.

There is probably a way to add a dialog input to an applescript but I have always found you give it a parameter and it starts from there. Popular ones that I've seen use a timestamp.
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