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Question "WARNING! Your Flash Player may be out of date. Please update to Continue." Virus?

Recently almost every time I try to open google, facebook or youtube I am diverted to a page which displays this message "WARNING! Your Flash Player may be out of date. Please update to Continue" in a pop up. The website I am diverted to looks like a the flash player website but is obviously fake. I stupidly clicked download and tried to install the download.

(I am using Mac OS X version 10.6.8, running on Safari) When I tried to install it it opened up in text edit with loads of nonsense. I tried searching with ClamXav and many other Virus Searchers. I have tried restarting Safari. Deleting Cache. All Extensions turned off or uninstalled. I tried DNSChanger Removal Tool and Kapersky Flashfake Removal Tool.

So far I have not managed to get rid of the problem. How to I get rid of the potential phising/malware I have downloaded and correct my Safari?

I then completely re-installed Mac OS X on my laptop using the installation discs. I completely erased my whole hard drive and any partitions.

I ran Software Update and downloaded the latest Flash player from the real website.

I then had to restart my mac because of the software up dates....

Once restarted I see this first message pop up on my desktop saying "Adobe flash player is out of date. The version of Adobe flash player on your system does not include the latest security updates and has been disabled. To continue using flash player, download an updated version from adobe's website." with an option to "download flash" or "Cancel" so I click cancel.

I then install the real flash player which had been downloaded from the official site....

I then opened up safari and within 30 seconds of use the same 'Flash player pro' message popped up when I tried to go to google.com

I am completely stumped?!?! How is this affecting me after a completely new installation and wiped Hard drive?

Could this be something to do with my internet router?
I have a desktop PC at home also and yesterday 'once' something similar appeared talking about ' flash player pro'. But only once.

Thank you so much for any help ...
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It sounds like it's just an advert on the webpage that is designed to look like a system alert. If it's a pop-up, you'll be able to tell as Safari's Window menu will list the pop-up window. Make sure you disable pop-ups in Safari's Preferences.

What other problems have you experienced, apart from this "nagging"? I'm not sure you needed to go to all those lengths if you were just getting these messages to "update".
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Holy crap Batman "I then completely re-installed Mac OS X on my laptop using the installation discs. I completely erased my whole hard drive and any partitions... for a flash pop up !"

This is something you rarely need to do. I think you are reading too much into it and have overcooked the pudding !

If you have installed the latest version of Flash Player and are still getting update pop-ups, completely uninstall and reinstall Flash Player.
Since the Global Notifications Settings panel is run through the browser, your settings may be changed when you clear your browser history and cookies. You may need to visit the panel again and recheck your desired settings.

Sometimes Flash update pop-ups are actually fakes designed to look like the original. These can install viruses or lead to phishing sites. If you are unsure whether an update is really available, visit Adobe's website and download the update directly from there.

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Agree with the above.

You do not mention what Mac model you have and year. You could upgrade to Mavericks, probably, more up to date in general.

You do not say how you restored your Data? That may be how your re-introducing the issue. I would also use opendns.org, Faster and Safer. It can be set from the Computer per machine or once from your router.
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Originally Posted by gregsmith
Could this be something to do with my internet router?

Yes. Either you (or somebody/something else) has changed the DNS servers OR the DNS servers you point to are broken. Need to set them to "auto" and your ISP will sort DNS out.

Did you set your own DNS server addresses up? If you don't know what I'm talking about you need to factory reset the router (did it have your internet account/password preconfigured? If not, you'll need these.)
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flash player pro, malware, phishing, virus

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