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Question iOS trouble copying URLs--looking for a quick workflow

as i become more familiar with my new (and first) iPad, i'm finding that i'm mostly just spending time finding solutions to everyday tasks from the full Mac OS. I've spent a full two days on this one without much luck, so I thought i'd poll you guys.

i post a lot on several forums--not this one so much any more. but other forums much like this one. and, i post a lot of pictures tagged inside BBcode.

the cloud-ness of iOS has really changed quite a bit about how this task is approached when posting personal images. rather than uploading from the device, i now need to host them somewhere and hyperlink. not a problem--at least not in a full OS. however, in iOS i'm having considerable trouble finding a quick (less than 10-clicks) way to copy a URL to my pasteboard.

a few notes on what i have tried:

i purchased iPhoto because it can upload directly to Flickr. i'm not particularly tied to Flickr--in fact i just set up the account yesterday. and, it works as expected, hosting images from my device. the real trick is getting the URL of those images to my browser for posting.

even in the cloud, the full os has several tools at its disposal--browser extensions for one. too bad they don't work on the iPad version of Safari.

still, bookmarklets are an option. but, i'm not a java or javascript developer (i always confuse which of the two are required for bookmarklets--that should tell you about where I stand on developing something on my own). i've looked and found a few bookmarklets--but, they don't work so well for this particular task.

so, i come full circle--ready to bin all my 'progress' so far for another solution. all i really want is the ability to have a URL to one of my images on my pasteboard in less than 10 clicks---ideally in less than 10 seconds. bonus points if i can get a bbcode url (inside the img tags) on the pasteboard instead.

any ideas?
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I'm using the iPhone version of iPhoto.
If I post a photo to Flickr using iPhoto (on iPhone), it ends with a dialog giving me the choice to "go to Flickr". If I choose that, it opens Safari showing the newly uploaded photo. On that page, I can copy the URL to the iPhone's pasteboard.
That's only 3 taps I think.

And I use the iPhone app "Pastebot" which keeps multiple copies and allows you to edit each one. There may be a way to automatically edit the pasted URL to add the BB tags.
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thanks for the info on pastebot...i'll have to check that out.

also, after a little more research/digging around i did find pre-made links right on flickr---but you have to drill down a few more clicks to get to it from the page that iphoto takes you to. once you get to the page with the 'share' link above the picture (2 more clicks, i think), by clicking the 'share' button you can click again go get a BBCode link to the photo displayed on the page. but, you still have to triple-tap in the field/tap select all/tap copy (5-clicks right there) to get it to the pasteboard.

it's still a far cry from 'right click/copy image URL' and clicking an applescript in my dock on the full os--two clicks....but, hopefully i can get close.

maybe i can post the applescript somewhere, and some soul will take pity on me and cobble together a bookmarklet to do similar.
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