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Audio/Video Sync Problems

It seems as if all the videos I play have audio/video sync problems.

I have tried many files from various sources, and this problem seems to happen in every application i use to play them. This even occurs with TV Programs which I have bought at the iTunes store. Even HD videos!

The only way I can fix this problem is to use VLC Player, which allows you to adjust the audio/video sync during playback.

Does anyone have any ideas what may be causing this?

My system is totally updated, I have the latest versions of all apps. I have done every maintenance procedure I know. I even reset the PRAM and SMC (yeah, I know that all of those things are probably overkill, but I wanted to try everything I know).

Thanks in advance for any help or insight you can provide.

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What are your system specs? OS version? Aside from iTunes, what else are you using to play the videos?

Note that HD video will usually tax your system more than SD video, of course.

If you can take any of the videos to a different system, do they also play the same way on that other system?
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I have a MacBook Pro (Spring 2011). 2.3 GHz i7. 8 GB RAM. I have a 512 GB SSD as my main internal hard drive (yes, really, a 512 GB SSD!).

Your question is certainly valid. However, I would find it hard to think I don't have the sheer horsepower to watch these videos.

This is really frustrating.
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Create a brand-new user account and see if the issue persists there. This is just a troubleshooting step to determine if the problem is systemwide or connected in some way to your usual user account.
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What do you use to play back audio? I wonder if the problem is some latency in your audio playback, as compared to the video.

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