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Finder windows NOT reopening on restart

I know there have been lots of threads with people trying to stop Lion from re-opening windows on restart, but there is one app that has always kept its windows open between launches: Finder.

However, sometimes, when I restart, my Finder windows from the previous session are all closed. I'm not sure when the behaviour started -- possibly with 10.7.3; possibly since Lion. (I upgraded at 10.7.2.)

Someone else on the forum commented that they also had the same issue, when I mentioned it in another thread. So does anyone else get it? Might this be a bug (or a mis-feature!)?

One thing I have notice is that on restart, Lion seems to present a "static image" of all the windows from the last session, while all the apps reload. So the Finder windows appear in this 'image", but then when the Finder reloads and is ready, they get closed.

This happens on both my Macs, but not every time. They do have fairly similar prefs and defaults.

Any thoughts?
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Without too much concise explanation.....it is buggy and sometimes acts in very random ways on all my machines i support. I have one 25 iMac managed deployment which has all settings/hardware exactly the same and again they can act differently !
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I've always had the option for saving application windows disabled in System Preferences. I've also had ~/Library/Saved Application State locked. The other day I decided to unlock that folder, though I left the System Preferences option unchanged. Upon restart, my always-open Finder folder would not be showing.

Today I restarted but enabled the checkbox for re-opening windows when logging in. The Finder window was there when the system booted (nothing else, though, since all other applications had been quit). I don't know if this is because of what I did differently, something to do with 10.7.4, or quirkiness like agentx described, but I figured I'd share it.
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