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Paperclip doesn't appear on all Sent mail in Mail.app, Lion

Just sent email to a client; file was attached. Upon looking in "Sent" to make sure it actually went out, I don't see a paperclip icon in Sent>Sort by Date column. I open this sent email and do see the file in there.

Other emails sent with attachments do have a paperclip in them. what's up with this one maverick that doesn't?

thanks for any clues..

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I don't think it's a maverick email. I often (always?) see the same thing when I confirm I didn't screw up an email I just sent. For whatever reason, opening and closing the email then displays the paperclip icon in the message list.
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Just a thought, but don't you have to set the Attachment column in View options on the Toolbar?

I remember having to do that after upgrading to lion on my MBA.

Just my 2Baht. ;-)
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At least in my case, I already have that column showing and I still get what I described above (I had that quirk under 10.6, too).
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