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2007 MBPS reassembly - internal orange tape.

My replacement parts have finally arrived from OWC. Unfortunately, this means my MBP has been is a state of disassembly for some 3 months.

I am concerned about the orange sticky tape that is over several push-in connectors and the fact that it appears to have lost most of its stickiness.

It seems clear that, by definition, this tape will be non-conductive, so, either:

Where can I get some more, or...

Dare I reassemble the MBP with the notably reduced tackiness of the tape?

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That orange tape is called "Kapton" tape.
(yeah, it's pricey stuff...)
It's main feature is that it remains sticky over a wide temp range.
And, it's really there to control the various wires, and really isn't super-sticky. I often will re-use the pieces, or you can find some other tape that can do as well.
If you have any kind of electronics shop close by (something similar to Radio Shack), you may find something else that you can use.
I have, in a pinch, used regular scotch tape.
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Scotch Tape? Non-conductive then? I have an AVO, so could test some.

Maybe it is my perception of the stickiness then, as it has been 3 months since I touched it. Also, my study is probably the coolest room in the house, with or on usually on.

I'll start the reassembly and see how the old stuff sticks for a day, before I replace the casing.

Many thanks again for this.
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