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Scroll Bars on the left - and a left-handed pointer

Been waiting for MacOS to, without any kind of 3rd party intervention, implement an option for scroll bars on the left and a left-handed mouse pointer, since, oh, 1984.
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You should probably give up hoping.
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What chabig said.
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Personally, I'm holding out for a built-in OS X control app for a Keurig™ single-cup.
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I speak as a lefty.

From the looks of things, scroll bars are on the way out, and you'll just scroll with gestures on a trackpad/screen. I probably haven't moved the pointer over to the scroll bars for about ten years, what with scroll wheels and graphics tablets and Magic Trackpad.

And I don't have a problem with the direction of the pointer. It could be up, down, left or right. The important bit is that the pointer .. points towards its tip, where the action is. Perhaps a cross-hair might be more precise?

I am quite militant about left-handed-ness not being a "disability" that needs special treatment. I can use "normal" scissors, write in the stub of my cheque book, use a pencil sharpener and a corkscrew, without needing assistance or special lefty-designed tools.

About the only thing I've ever had problem with is some rifles where the auto-eject spits the cases into your eyes. But then I find I get better accuracy using my left hand as the support, rather than the trigger hand. But I digress.

Getting the world to change for me is a pretty tall order. So I deal with it as it is.
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