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Office 2011 SP2 for OS X has a major problem that has filled my IMAP email accounts with thousand of duplicate emails within hours of applying the update.

The first run of Outlook after installing the update reconfigured the local database. Some of the emails in the local database were then viewed as new emails when compared to the IMAP server database, and were then uploaded to the IMAP server. These newly uploaded emails were then viewed as new emails by outlook and were then downloaded again - and cycle this goes on until the IMAP account capacity is reached !

All these "new" emails are then downloaded to any other devices using the IMAP accounts (PC, Mac or iPhone), massively inflating the local database.

I now have 18,000 emails to sort out via webmail before I can use any email clients !

Suggest quitting Outlook, rename the "Microsoft User Data" folder, apply the update, and input the IMAP email accounts from scratch and allowing them to sync with the IMAP servers, rather than allowing Outlook to update the local database.

Hope this saves someone some time !

Mac Pro, OSX10.7.3, Virginmedia IMAP email.


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I am still trying to recover from this problem. I have several gmail accounts and only one was affected – one with a rule that moves certain mail into a folder. i have tried deleting the account and readding but it keeps duplicating email. other email clients also connect to this account from other computers (older versions of outlook).

any recommendations on what else can be done at this point to make this madness stop?
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Yes, my accounts that were affected had rules that moved email from the IMAP inbox to other folders on the IMAP server. They never stop duplicating. Every time Outlook updates there are more of the buggers!

I had to start with a new "Microsoft User Data" folder, make new IMAP accounts (without rules) and delete 10,000 duplicates on the Virginmedia (hosted by Gmail) IMAP server from the "All Mail" folder via webmail. If you delete from any other folder, they come back - zombie email !

I had some other archived folders in the "my computers" folder which obviously were missing from the new setup. Luckily, I had them in my old 10.6 boot partition, so I dragged them out as "mboxes" and imported them into the new outlook setup.

Monumental waste of time.

At least we know the cause now.


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Problems updating Database

I have an exchange account and after installing 14.2.0, it fails to update my database. I tried it with a backup database and still have the same problem. This could be an advantage, however, as I anticipate having the same problems that have occurred with IMAP, where exchange will create duplicate files ad infinitum.
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To fix a database that has failed to update see this Microsoft KB.

Diane Ross,
Office Mac Help
Need Help for Mac
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Office 14.2.1 has been released and it's supposed to contain a fix for this issue. The updater is available from MacUpdate but hasn't been posted to the Microsoft Mac downloads page just yet.
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Since upgrading to 14.2.1 I have a similar problem as above where any messages i send, delete or move from my inbox to another imap folder via outlook magically reappears as another copy of a read email in my inbox. There is also a duplicate in the folder i moved it to. Similar to the problem macsolver described - i use google apps (gmail essentially),

I have resolved sent items and deleted items issue by not storing copy on server however cannot resolve problem when moving messages. If I repeat, it simply keeps reincarnating the same message every time and adding another copy into the imap folder and another appears in the inbox next time it syncs.

So basically i need to move it to the folder i want it to go to, wait for it to reappear then delete it.......

Anyone come across this one yet or suggest any fixes as I am at a loss.

Mac OX X 10.7.3, Outlook 2011 14.2.1 and Google Apps (Gmail)

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I have the same problem of moving an email from my INBOX to a folder, only to find that the email reappears in the INBOX. It won't go away! [Using Outlook 12.2.3 with Gmail].

Does anyone have any ideas???
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