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Running Single User Mode

I've been having lots of trouble with my Macbook Pro (late 2008 model), since the case cracked on either side, just above the hinges. I was getting random, but persistent shutdowns for a while when it first happened and a trip to the Mac store resulted in a new motherboard. The problem then went away for a while.

For the last several months, the problem came back, but not nearly as frequent until recently. It seemed to be triggered, often, by what position the screen was tilted in. Anyway, it had started shutting down very persistently one day and then got hung up on a reboot. It seemed to go into safe boot after and come back on, but then shut down and has been hung up on boot ever since.

I have tried numerous things including, Pram, vram reset, verbose mode, and now single user mode. In my research, I came across the fsck -y command to repair any found issues. I was told to keep running this if I got the message, "FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED". I do keep getting this message, but just before it, I get "The Volume (HD) could not be repaired".

Now, my confusion is the two messages. One, from what I was told, means it is fixing something, but it's not all fixed and I need to run fsck -y again. The other message (The Volume...) has me concerned. Does this mean I need to keep going or am I totally screwed?

It might be worth noting that my fsck -y initiated what looks something like:

Rebuilding catalog B-tree

Lastly, I do not seem to be experiencing the random shutoff in single user mode. Thanks for any insight.
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At a guess, you've got two issues going on. One is a problem with your hard drive's filesystem that is beyond the capacity of fsck to fix. For that, I'd recommend that you purchase and run DiskWarrior http://alsoft.com .

The other seems to be tied to your hardware in some way and is causing the unexpected shutdowns. I expect that unexpected shutdowns probably caused the filesystem problem, but this is still a separate problem. For this, I'd recommend seeing your preferred Apple Authorized Repair shop.

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Yeah, I called in the pros. Thanks for the heads up.
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I have EXACTLY the same problem with the same messages!
Did you find a fix?
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