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2010 MBP: serious issues Lion clean install

I just did a clean install of Lion on this 2010 MPB 13'.

No issues during install. comboupdatered to 10.7.3. ran all software updates that showed up.

the windows all show "phantom" scrollbars. meaning, scrollbars will appear for a second or two for windows that do not need scrollbars at all.

also, I ran an adobe updater which I know is correct and sound and the program didn't actually GET updated!

before I dump more time into this Lion install on this machine, can somebody tell me straight: Is Lion actually good for this particular computer?

Yeah, I can install it, but I mean, if it doesn't even know how to draw windows properly or know when scroll bars should appear, that just ain't no kind of good.

thank you for the straight dope on this.


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Perhaps you could set up your choices for the scroll bars behaviour in your System Preferences > Personal > General pane and then conclude on the acceptability of Lion for your computer version. It's merely a change in the default appearance in Lion that I too was irritated with when I upgraded from Snow Leopard on my mid-2011 21.5" iMac.
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thank you...that part I get, but what happened was getting scrollbars where they simply made no sense..such as column view where the top levels of 4 or 5 folders were being shown, no folder selected - and therefore no lower-level contents needing shown.

I did a second clean install of Lion and didn't get this behavior, but I do "get" the temporary appearance of scrollbars where scrolling is needed.

I thank you!

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