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I have a Mac G3 OS 10.39, and using iphoto 2. How do I select the photos from my camera to just download the latest ones instead of having to sit and wait for it to go through all the ones that are already or still on the chip. I don't feel like deleting or emptying the chip yet. Lets say if I take 5 shots or photos today, How can I select to download just those 5? I hope someone knows what I'm trying to say.

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Well, in the current version, you just select the photos you want and click "Import Selected". I'd be surprised if it was much different.

OR are you saying that you can't actually "select" a photo when it's on the camera?
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Selected imports is relatively recent for iPhoto. With your old version, you get to wait for iPhoto to scan through the whole card.
Some cameras have their own software that will allow you to select photos for download.
There's probably other utilities that will do what you want, but now you will see "requires at least 10.4", or requires a G4, or most now requires an intel processor, and 10.5 or higher.

Better suggestion, I think, is to use a blank card for the camera. Buy the smallest capacity that is useful for the typical day's shoot, and that shouldn't be more than $5. Use that card for your new shots, or for a small range of photos. Erase the card after each use.
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If that be 10.3.9 Panther, then use the Image Capture app in the Utilities folder to pull selected pictures off. Import into iPhoto once they're on the computer.
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I had always used a card reader to open the card (compact flash or SD card) from the camera, and then drag the photo files I wanted to the appropriate folder on the computer. Then I would go to iPhoto and import. I also left unchecked in iPhoto>Preferences>Advanced>Import: copy files to iPhoto Library Folder when adding to Library. This way iPhoto wouldn't make a physical copy of the photo files in yet another place on the hard drive. Leaving that import option unchecked has iPhoto import an alias of the real file rather than make a real copy of it.

Doing it this way has the advantage of allowing your files to go where you want. It has the advantage of avoiding duplicate files. It has the advantage of not needing to use another intervening app.

The disadvantage is that you do the work manually by taking the memory card out of the camera, putting it in a reader, creating a folder on the computer in which to place the photo files, and then dragging those files from the memory card to that folder on the computer.

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