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Mac Pro Intel to Mac Pro G5 FW Target Mode

Mac Pro Intel to Mac Pro G5 FW Target Mode.

My goal is to recover data off two fairly Old External Sata arrays. *** My main question is an External Sata array cabled to a MacPro G5 going to be viewable in Target Disk mode slaved to MacPro Intel. Gory Details below

Long Story but my father was injured and he wants access to his reel, he is a director. He had two G5 towers with two Burly Box Raid Sata Arrays (8 and 5 drives assuming raid 5?). Running of off Sonnet Tempo X. These are all Circa somewhere around 2004-2005. Took me a while to reverse engineer that these were Sata I/L Cable non port multiplier type Sata. The Tempo Card had 4 Internal and 4 External Sata but there was an adapter to bring the 4 Internal ports to be outside ports for the additional connections on the Burly box array.

He also has a 2008 Intel Mac Pro Hex core.

Going to cable the Burly Arrays back up to the G5 and see if the data appears to be accessible.

***** Because the OS on the G5 10.4 or 10.5, and there may be issues with the boot disk, the thought occurred to me to FW Target boot the G5 to the Intel Mac Pro over FW 400 or 800. This would provide a fairly fast and reliable connection, but I was not sure the External arrays would present themselves on as a Guest on the new Macpro.

I also contacted Sonnet and Burly for info. I can retrofit the burly box to be a more modern Port multiplier Esata Cabinet pretty reasonably, but I am concerned about breaking up the array changing sata cards, etc. This would eliminate the G5s from the picture.

Thx in advance.

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System boots up fine in 10.5.8 without the array. And never got as far as worrying about FW mode.

When booted to the Original G5 Host system The array presents itself but freezes up the system within a few seconds to a minute or so after mounting. Tried to boot off a leopard DVD to Disktools which worked but the bus kept scanning forever.

Its looking like retrofitting the Burly box to Esata is the only direction left. Its a pretty reasonable swap Yank the 8 Sata1 cards for 2 Esata Cards that can support the 8 drives (the kit is only about $220). Then I just need a new Esata card $100 to $200 and couple Esata cables. I would use this set up with the much more modern Intel MacPro 2,1 running 10.6.8 instead of the G5 Macpro running 10.5.8.

**** What makes me squirmy is that the array use to be fine the way it was. Not sure switching to Esata backbone will resolve the issues with the array but I can not really think of to much more I can do to the old set up. I can reseat the Drives. I can try once again to get them to mount with out freezing. This is one of the things I hate about arrays. Your locked into them. Unfortunately the only copy of the data lives on these arrays.

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