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Question Windows to Mac

Not sure if this is the right place for this question. Please move if incorrect.

A friend is buying a MBPro and wishes to transfer all her stuff from Windows 7. I have checked google etc and everyone seems to point to doing it over a network, using Migration Assistant.

My question is - ' what if there is no network available ?' How would one setup a network between the two machines ? I have never had to deal with Windows AT ALL - so am completely ignorant about it .

If thats too complicated - how could one go about transferring stuff otherwise ? The windows laptop only has USB2.
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If both machines are connected to the internet using a (wireless) router, then that constitutes a network.

I don't know whether USB will work -- I suspect not. However you should be able to connect the two computers together using an Ethernet cable.

Read the Apple page on how to do it. You may need to click on the "Manually Migrating" bit.
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Thanks for that - i did see that support.apple page & got a bit confused. I think i have a phobia about windows !!!

It occurred to me that in the uk - when you buy a mac in an apple store - they will do a migration from Windows to a new mac for you.
So i rang the store in bangalore & asked if they would do it if we bought the mac from them. A very definate NO was their answer. India is not easy sometimes.

I shall try the wireless router route.
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Migrations happen over network but there are other ways. USB is not one of them !

I would advise using an Ethernet connection but WIFI should be ok.
Just get both machines connected to same network ideally using a router for ease.

Then use Migration assistant it will talk you through everything ;-)
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Miracles DO happen ! I rang a different apple shop in bangalore & they said that if we bought the MBP from them - they were happy to migrate everything, while we were there. So it looks like i shant have to get involved after all. Very happy
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