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FaceTime compared to Photo Booth Lion

What are the differences between these two applications. To me it looks like they do the same thing.

Other than video conferencing what uses do these application have?

It seems like your limited to video or photo from what is in front of your computer display.

I am trying to figure out what uses these apps have and what are the differences between them.


iMac Lion
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The two apps are quite different in use.
(I'm guessing that you haven't actually tried any of the effects that PhotoBooth has)
The only task that both Photo Booth, and FaceTime share - is that both use the built-in camera. Using PhotoBooth, you can take single or multiple-shot photos, or record whatever the camera sees in a video. To see one (great fun!) use for Photo Booth - browse through the various distorting effects that you can apply to a picture or video, real time.
FaceTime, on the other hand, is designed for that video conferencing that you mentioned. Consider Skype as something similar.
Yes, in both apps, you are limited to what the camera can see, which is usually you!
If you don't need pictures or videos of yourself, and you don't imagine you will ever use video chat or video conference - again, think of Skype as something very similar - then neither of those are for you.
I have seen 3 or 4 middle school-age kids have enormous fun with photo booth with its various effects, and an inkjet printer.
What can you do with that? Use your imagination...

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Just to add to DeltaMac's comment, FaceTime is for video calls to other FaceTime-enabled devices. That could be a Mac running 10.6 or 10.7 (FaceTime is a $1 app for 10.6 and built in to 10.7), or to iDevices which have FaceTime (later iPod touches, iPad 2 or later, or iPhone 4 or later). iDevices can't use FaceTime when on a cellular signal, only when on Wi-Fi.
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