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Unattended monitor wake up?

I have OS X (10.6.8) configured to put my displays to sleep after X minutes, and also lock the screen. When I come back and kick the side of my Pro to wake it up (er, gently tap the mouse), my cantankerous old 30" main display takes a good couple of minutes to warm up and shake the flickers out. The warming up, I can take, but the flickers drive me bananas.

Sure, I need a new monitor soon, but in the meantime, I pretty much always roll up to the computer at the same time every day. Is there any way, while the screen is locked and the system is unattended, to force the displays to wake up? Can Applescript (via sudo I imagine...) change the system preference for putting the displays to sleep (if that'd even work), or somehow simulate some user input to wake them up?

From there, it's trivial for me to throw this into a cron job to run at the times of the day I usually come in, so I don't need a full solution, just a way to wake up the displays from Applescript/command line.
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Try this: http://hintsforums.macworld.com/show...853#post665077

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Yes!! That's exactly what I needed. Works perfectly. Thank you!
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