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FaceTime - Cannot Log In

I use my email as my user ID. I think I do that for apple store.

Just bought Facetime for Mac. I get this message and cannot therefore log in.
"Unable to verify email because it is already in use by another Apple ID".

(I know it's my email because I changed my password with Apple.)
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You have to use your primary AppleID email address and even worth getting a free @me address for apple services like iCloud, Facetime, iMessage etc which can be tied to your account.
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agentx, I only own a MacBook Pro.
@me therefore cannot accommodate me.

Is there no way to contact the makers of FaceTime?
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Ruffy, that message is saying that you've got at least two AppleIDs. Apparently, each AppleID must have a unique email address associated with it. So I think you've got two choices:

1. Manage your Apple IDs so they have different email addresses.
2. Use just one Apple ID for everything--Facetime, iTunes, iCloud, GameCenter, etc.

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Chabig - I have one and only one Apple ID.

As a first time user of Apple Store, thinking I could
enter ANY new password I want (like most any place you
go on the internet), so I failed to log in because
my email address clashed with this made-up password.

Seems like the email address first entered got "stuck" into
FaceTime; When I retried logging in with my Apple ID and the
correct password, it no longer accepted my SAME, ORIGINAL
and only email address (giving me the above error).

A telling note: When I used my son's iTouch account, I
got in but it PULLED ALL CONTACTS from MY gmail account
(and NOT from his)!!!

(Problem now is I can't facetime to my son, nor can he use
it if I am on it! This Apple Store arrangement can be maddening
to first timers!)

Can I erase my FaceTime and start over?? Like the usual dmg
file availability?

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