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Time Capsule and MyBook Live

About a week ago, my Time Capsule stopped backing up and yielded an error.

Click image for larger version

Name:	timemachineerror.JPG
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I tried a few times with the same error message. Then I tried repairing the disk with disk utility, which completed without incident. I still couldn't back up and I was now getting a variety of errors, in addition to the one above, saying that there was a network problem or that the disk was not available.

So I took the TC to the genius bar and there, they tried a hard reset, a reconfigure to basic settings, and a format of the disk. The backup then started afresh and I took it home to do a full backup. However, the backup couldn't finish. The progress bar would just go away without error and there was no resulting backup to restore from. Then on subsequent tries, I started getting an error that the backup could not be completed and that the problem might be temporary. It suggested I use disk utility to repair the disk, so I tried that again and got this error:

Click image for larger version

Name:	diskutilityerror-timecapsule.JPG
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So I reformatted more rigorously this time, zeroing out all the data. I still got errors upon trying to backup afterwards with time machine. Funny that I could manually drag files to the disk, but I assume some sort of corruption somewhere was causing the TC to fail when it got to the bad sector.

This being my working assumption, and given this was my third TC (replaced twice under the APP because the previous two turned into completely dead paperweights), I decided to get a networked area storage device (MyBook Live) instead of investing in another TC. I assumed that I would be able to use the malfunctioning TC since I thought it was just disk corruption.

However, I ran into problems with backing up to the MyBook Live as well! The backup progress bar would just disappear (a behavior I had been seeing on some attempts to backup to the TC's disk)! On the third try, it successfully backed up, but I noted that in the configuration tool for MyBook Live, I was seeing these errors:

Click image for larger version

Name:	mybookliveerror.jpg
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Looking back at my TC errors in the console, I saw a few errors regarding not being able to access TC through the network. One even suggested a network problem, but since I could check mail and load web apges, I assumed that this originally had something to do with the disk corruption and was a misleading error. Now I wonder if the TC disk is fine and that there's some sort of connection issue with the TC. Does anyone know what to look for to confirm this?

I can't find the errors I was seeing in the system.log that indicated network issues or else I would paste them here.

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