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Want Two Mac users with Two different System Preferences Settings

Hi there,

I have an issue. I have two users created on my mac running OS X 10.6.8. One user I have is for music recording. When I use that account, I have to alter many of my settings in System Preferences to optimize the running of Pro Tools 10 (never put the HD to sleep, no Spotlight searches etc). There's a list of things.

When I switch over to my main Administrator User, I want the System Preferences to revert back to my admin settings but they don't. There must be some way of doing this?

Any help would be appreciated!
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Some preferences and settings are user-specific, and some are system-specific.

For instance, Network connections are system-specific, because it is unlikely that different users will need different network connections.

Your best option is to include a shell script at login that sets the various parameters you want. There are commands to unload the Spotlight LaunchDaemon, and also defaults write commands for things like the HD sleep.
Let us know exactly what settings you want to change.

However, I'm not convinced that "no Spotlight searches" is of value. Once the index has been generated, Spotlight requires very little system resources. In fact, by turning it off and on and again, you will cause a re-index, slowing things down every time. Whilst it's true that there were some issues with Spotlight in earlier versions of OS X, and that some people do complain about it hogging the CPU, it's been my experience that Spotlight only causes problems when you mess about with it, and if you leave it alone, it works well and minimally.
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Another way to do this is to use a login hook (unix script) that sets all your "system wide" settings for each user account as you login. Not easy if you are not familiar with Managed preferences/scripting but not impossible.
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Thanks for the reply. It sounds like creating a shell script will be over my head as I'm not a programmer.

Yes, having to re-index Spotlight takes forever - that's one of the reasons why I hated disabling it when switching users. I did read that Pro Tools 10 doesn't play nice with Spotlight but I'll see if I can get away with it off.

I really just need to disable Screensaver, Energy Saver, change sound output, turn off Bluetooth, and turn off Time Machine.
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Originally Posted by mydutchtouch
I really just need to disable Screensaver, Energy Saver, change sound output, turn off Bluetooth, and turn off Time Machine.

That should all be user specific. I also have a user account for music production. I run proTools MP 9 and Cubase 6. I have the setting on that user for no hard drive sleep, no screen saver, etc. That stay with that user account. My regular account has different settings.

Did you do anything unusual when you made a new user account? Is the music account a regular admin user? That stuff should stay set the way you want it.

I don't find ProTools to have any problems with SpotLight.
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Time Machine and Energy Saver preferences are system-wide.
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pro tools, system preferences, users

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