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Can not install OS X on iMac :-(

I have a secondhand iMac ( Model A1225 - 8,1 )

I have tried everything to install OS X and I am now inviting any other suggestions!!!

Here is what I have tried:

- Hardware diagnostics DVD passed everything
- Reset PRAM
- Reset SMC (it is running 1.30F1 by the way)
- Target mode install
- Leopard install DVD
- Snow Leopard install DVD
- L and SL install from USB
- boot from FW attached HD

In all cases the install attempt crashes with an kernel panic resulting in a "Please power off and reboot" message and no other details. Very frustrating.

Now, here is a confusing bit:

- Installation Windows 7 64-bit - fails
- Installation Windows 7 32-bit - works!!!!

So I can install Windows 7 32-bit but nothing else.....

Any ideas from anyone???
I am willing to take the hard drive out and replace if anything thinks that will help.

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Please tell us a bit more detail - Are those Install DVDs the retail versions or the gray machine-specific ones?
When you tried a Target mode install, was the "other" Mac the one in Target mode?
Boot from FW hard drive - which Mac did you install OS X from? That will be the Mac model whose motherboard drivers get installed - then other Macs "usually" can't boot from it.
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That model of iMac came with 10.5.6. If your Leopard disk is earlier than that (or specific to another Mac model), it won't work.

Similarly, if your Snow Leopard disk is specific to a particular, different Mac model, then it won't work.

If your OS disk is a retail version, then something else is going on.

When you bought it, did it work?

Does the installer's OS load fine, but the crash occur when trying to write the new OS onto the hard drive? Or does it not get around to loading itself properly?

Assuming that at least one of the OS installation methods was valid, my first thoughts would be to go back to the seller.
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Another issue with Bootcamp is that you need to run Bootcamp 3 for full Windows 7 compatibility ie. 10.6/10.7 not 10.5. I recently came across a Mac running Leopard/Windows 7 which some bad Mac support person shoe horned together and not everything works right and only way to fix is to upgrade to 10.6 or 10.7.

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