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Wireless connection of MacBook 5.1 to LCD TV

Hi All,

So I busted the screen on my Macbook. It is an older version (model 5.1) and so the mini DVI out only transmits the video to my LCD TV, not the sound. I use a separate headphone connection to audio input for that.

I want to make it more convenient to use the laptop solely with the LCD TV. I have found wireless HDMI transmitters but they are bulky, expensive and they would only handle the video transmission not the sound. Is there a simpler way to wirelessly transmit the video and audio from the Macbook to the TV? I am comfortable (and would prefer to) completely removing the laptop screen.

Let me know if you need more information, e.g. the TV model (I actually have two I would ideally like to use). Thanks in advance.
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Sorry I think I just found my answer: http://www.google.com/products/catal...d=0CIQBEPMCMAM

Anyone know if this would work?

EDIT: Specifically, if I completely remove my laptop screen (which is barely hanging on) would I be able to troubleshoot problems on the TV? Is there a way to designate the external monitor (or TV) to be the primary display over the laptop's LCD screen? I know how to make the dock appear on the external, etc., I'm just concerned I am going to reboot the macbook and be unable to get the screen to reappear on the TV :-/ Guess I have to take a leap of faith and see how it goes.

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You can make the external screen your primary by simply dragging the menu bar from one image to the other in the System Preferences Displays window. It is draggable in the Arrangement view of the pane.
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