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Disk Warrior sees questionable disk then loses it (after using wrong power supply)

When I connected Barracuda 7200.12 to my G5 via Winstars SATA HD Docking Station, Disk Warrior saw it even though it did not show up on the desktop.
I let it go ahead and begin rebuilding the directory and when I returned I found it could not replace the directory and referrred to error codes 2160 and 2301. Also the Preview button was inhibited so I could not back up any files this way. It suggested attempting rebuild again to get back to Preview.
I closed and reopened DW twhich now seems unable to see the questionable HD at all.
I am now very anxious because the said drive is not mine but my flatmate's and contains all his (unbacked up) music files (his own compositions) and I am under great pressure to make amends for the damage I did to his iomega 500GB USB external drive.
The back story is that earlier today I connected the wrong power supply,it clicked and a cloud of smoke appeared - the polarities must have been reversed. I rushed out and bought the HD caddy thinking that if the disk was still ok, that would be a temporary fix and allow him to continue with his mission to go into the studio today.
When I first connected it, it recognised it no problem and I went ahead dragging a folder of mine on to the desktop and then into trash.
I then tried to eject said drive, it said it was still in use so I set about emptying the trash and tried again. After the trash was finished emptying the icon disappeared from the desktop.
Then when he came back I turned mac off and on and I tried to show him that his disk was fine, only the disk could not be recognised!!!
(In my subsequent reading I wonder if trying to eject disk while trash was emptying may have initiated my next stage of stress?)
So, having tried shutting down and starting up again - still no recognition, though some other unexpected message regarding USB port being deactivated beacause of overcurrent despite the caddy having its own external power supply?
Over to Disk Warrior and the story that unfolds at the top of this post - needless to say I'm quite desperate at this stage...
I am open to any suggestions or opinions, I literally don't know what to do next - it seems unimaginable that having seen it working fine earlier it could all go so wrong that even DW can't even see it.
I'm thinking that it may be past the stage of getting a new enclosure...
Can anybody help, please?
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Loren Miller
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My next step would be a disk recovery service, because if you have accidentally trashed the disk contents or the directory is screwed up and DiskWarrior can't fix it, theoretically your files are still intact-- especially if you haven't written anything to the drive.

The best known is DriveSavers. They can be expensive. But check out their Recovery Tips page:

- Loren
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SATA disk ?


The enclosure sounds slightly"dodgy" from what you say. If the hard disk is SATA, I would put it in the G5 second bay and see if it can be repaired directly.


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Originally Posted by dr.wot
I am now very anxious because the said drive is not mine but my flatmate's and contains all his (unbacked up) music files (his own compositions)

Mistake #1 - he can't blame you completely if it's gone forever.

I suggest you download Data Rescue and see if it can identify recoverable files. It works differently from Disk Warrior - it does not make any changes to the damaged disk so it will not make the problem worse. It also has no-cost preview so you don't need to pay for it if it doesn't work.

You will need a second drive to recover data, but you need two of them anyway - one for the recovery and one for the backup. Any drive that survived a power spike that produced actual smoke should be considered living on borrowed time.

If Data Rescue doesn't work then it's off to DriveSavers. Expect a bill in the low thousands.
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SATA disk date recovery?

loren - thanks, at least I now know of datasavers, even if I blanch at the prospect!

macsolver - thanks, I put the disk in the G5 before purchasing the docking bay, but it failed to see it. Having said that, I didn't try that yet with DW and wonder if I would be risking any extra damage by trying that

acme - Data Rescue sounds very tempting, especially as their website claims their MO is to recover data rather than fix disk

I wonder now what chance there is that the disk is still physically able to be read.
I shall wait a few days before doing anything else while I await the delivery of a new enclosure that offers Firewire in addition to USB.
I'm holding a torch for Firewire inasmuch as I'm imagining it will avoid any issue with the USB port being subject to overcurrent demand - any thoughts on this aspect?

Many thanks for your time, will let you know of developments
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Does your docking station have it's own power supply (it better)? Changing cases won't help if the drive's circuitry got damaged.

Explain what happened carefully to DriveSavers if you use them - they can probably just change the electronics.
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