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SDXC support on MacOS X 10.4.11

Mac G5 running 10.4.11

i recently tried to connect my Panasonic camera to load my photos from my SDXC card and discovered this Mac does not support the exFAT file systems on these cards.

Is there a program I can download to so I can load these programs.

Panasonic offers a download for Windows, but nothing for the Mac.

This is a real bummer.

Any ideas on how I can connect my camera to get the pictures.

I love my G5.

I have no plans for another Mac so 10.6 is not in the future.

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Many cameras have mini-USB ports. If yours is one of them, you could plug it directly into your computer and turn it on.

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Maybe the FUSE version of exFAT would help:
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Looking at the site not sure how I would use Fusion, and what version in the G5.

Because it SDXC card it is not recognized by the G5 when booting the camera.
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SDXC Card Reader for USB Mac G5 OS X 10.4.11

Note that, although SDXC readers are backward-compatible, they are not forward-compatible. This means that SD and SDHC media will work in an SDXC card reader or camera but SDXC cards will only work in an SDXC reader.

Will an SDXC card reader attached USB to the G5 be able to read the card, and allow the exFAT files to be accessed on the G5?
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Is there a USB attached SDXC card reader that will read this card and allow me to process these files on the G5.

I need to have a device that will read the card and convert the files to G5 readability.

Or I need to reformat the SDXC card for FAT32 files.

With this high speed, high capacity, new format, SD cards I am not sure that is even an option.

So currently there is no way to process exFAT files on a G5 Mac.

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