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Possible to Extend range of a Windows internet Wifi signal?

Hello to all,

I am currently in West Africa, and have a question:

Is it possible to use my Airport Express Base Station to extend the range of my neighbors Windows Wifi signal? I can't format my base station...

Here is a summary (apologies for the verbiage!)

Our neighbor put in ADSL. We plugged his Windows (yikes!) system with Ethernet into our Air Port Express Base Station (AEBS) --- the same sort of little white box you put into our apartment. It worked fine (the wifi signal strength varied, but basically we had a few hours a day).

Now, he has changed and put in a new Wifi-Modem. There is no security on the wifi/internet connection (no WEP/WPA etc). We do not capture the signal very well at all and wanted to use our AEBS to EXTEND THE RANGE of HIS wifi signal....I cannot seem to get it to work.

Will his Windows program work together with a Mac Airport Express base station to extend the signal (like a relay station?). After reading the documents, they speak only of extending from an existing Apple base station....?

With the Set Up Assistant I do the following to format the AEBS:

1. I have a wifi network and want to add AirPort Express to... an existing network.
2. I want Airport Express to wirelessly join my current network.
3. Extend the range of my Airport Extreme or Airport Express network
4. Please select the Apple wireless device you want to join...

There is no Apple wireless device, so nothing shows up in the drop down list.
WDS setup has been canceled.

Manual Set Up:

Airport Tab: Summary/Base Station/Wireless/Access

Base station - says connect using ethernet (I guess I can change this in the "internet" tab at the top).

Wireless: I choose "join a wireless network" - but then I get the name of my AEBS as the network name -- it does not "see" the name of my neighbors wifi channel.
I click continue, but nothing really happens...it just spins...

Internet Tab:

Well, it's not Ethernet, so will PPPoE work to extend the range of his signal?

Do I have to plug in his settings? Account name/password....
The "Connection Sharing" tab is greyed out

Do I have to plug in PPoE settings : Connection = Always on? Automatic? etc

and DHCP and NAT settings?

We really appreciate your feedback and insight into this!

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What's a Windows wifi????

If you mean that you want to extend your wifi network, Google wifi extender.
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