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A little history first (sorry a bit long, but want to properly paint the situation for help). I have a Windows 2000 PC that I use to sync my Treo 650 with which included Pocket Quicken syncing to my desktop Quicken. I now have made the primary switch to a new Dual Core 2.0 PowerMac. After reading about all of the nightmares associated with Quicken for Mac, I have decided to leave Quicken on my Windows PC along with some other PC specific applications.

I now sync all of my contact info, calendar, etc. with my Mac using Missing Sync. I want to be able to sync to my PC through my home network for the Quicken sync, as well.

I started with a KVM switch to use between the two computers, but found that to be lacking for my needs. So now when I need to run my PC, I use a VNC remote desktop through my OSX desktop. This works great!

I can not seem to find any real useful information on how to do a Hotsync through a wired network. My understanding is that you can place your Treo in the cradle, have it setup to sync to a computer that is connected through a network and have it work. In theory, I think my idea works, but I can't seem to get it to work.
I have followed the only instructions I can find, set my PC HotSync for Network, hooked the cradle up and done a Hotsync and thus have the information stored on my Treo under the Primary PC Setup of the Hotsync manager on the Treo.

But when I place the Treo in the cradle with it hooked up to my Mac, it only will sync with the Mac. Nothing I set on my Treo seems to affect this. I have set my Modem Sync Preferences to Network, and LANSync Preferences to both LANSync and Local HotSync. I have even created a New Available Connection called Network, that Has the following settings: Connect To - Local Network, Via: Cradle/Cable.

So I was thinking that the Mac sync needed to be turned off, so I disabled the HotSync on the Mac and tried to Hotsync. The Treo does not appear to find the computer on my Network.

I have turned off any firewalls (temporarily) to see if was causing problems to no affect.

So, I ask for your help. Am I off base in thinking this will even work? Or is there some step I am missing? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
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