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iMac as Macbook Pro second display?

Hi guys,
1) Is there any way i could use my iMac 21" as a second display for a new Macbook Pro 13" (not retina display model)?

2) Can i connect the Macbook Pro 13" to LED Computer/TV display with HDMI ports?

3 What cables would i need in both cases?

4) I get a bit confussed in all the Mac cables for video related issues. That might be a silly question but why they are so incredible short, like the Belkin Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

Do i need an extension cable too?

Sorry for so many questions, very newbie in external displays and connections.

iMac Intel Core i5, 2,5 GHz, 21", 12 Gb RAM, 500 Gb internal HD, Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 - iPhone 3 GS - iPad 2
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