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Red, Green, Blue values as 0.x decimals / changing the bluescreen color

See this old thread, most specifically post #7. This color is indeed editable (as of Snow Leopard at any rate). Not knowing what to do with color values expressed entirely in numbers less than 1 , I just tried switching them around:


blue: 0.6774193548
green: 0.4193548387
red: 0.2580645161


blue: 0.2580645161
green: 0.4193548387
red: 0.6774193548

So now instead of the standard blue screen I get a washed-out tomato red screen.

So, onward to my question: I comprehend color values expressed generally in sets of numbers that range from 0 to 255 (Black = 0, 0, 0; Red = 255, 0 0; Cyan = 0, 255, 255; etc). And I comprehend color values expressed webby-style as a single string per color in hex (black = #000000; yellow = #FFFF00; blue = #0000FF; etc). But I can't find a colorwheel identifying various colors as 0.23432352 or 0.123532223 or whatever. Anyone point me to such a colorwheel or provide me with a conversion algorithm, by any chance?
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