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Originally Posted by NaOH
I'm absolutely not an audiophile, but there was another thread in which Trevor noted that I could drop down to 128 kbps and I wouldn't notice any difference while saving a little more space.

Hmmmm, I don't *think* that that was me. I typically encode at 256 kbps stereo MP3. Unless I was talking about strictly spoken word audio? That sounds fine to me at 128 kbps in either AAC or MP3.

To my ears, music at 128 kbps AAC sounds alright in treble frequencies, but sounds weak (lacking in that nice thump) in the bass. 128 kbps MP3 on the other hand, sounds acceptable in the bass but there's a weird warble in the treble frequencies that bugs me a lot. If I was forced to use 128 kbps, I'd use AAC every time.

192 kbps AAC and MP3 are getting a bit better, but I'm not really happy until I get to 256 kbps. Even at that bitrate, I think MP3 is a little better-sounding than AAC in the low frequencies, and it's problems in the high frequencies are really really hard for me to hear, and it's compatible with more devices, so I use MP3 at 256 kbps.

Originally Posted by NaOH
When it comes to future compatibility, I don't see much reason to be concerned with AAC. It's not an Apple format, so I am confident that if iTunes or iDevices ever drops support for it, then there is likely to be something out there which I can use for conversion (XLD, Max, etc.).



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