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iTunes audio format choice?

I'm finally getting round to putting ALL my CDs onto my iTunes Library, now that I've got multi-terabyte storage, and what with Phil Schiller telling me that optical drives are "for those stuck in the past".

I've started off using Apple Lossless Encoding, for quality, but I was somewhat shocked at the filesizes. I'm getting c. 40-50Mb for a standard pop song, and 300 - 500Mb for a whole disk. That's 40%-60%, which is in line with what Wikipedia tells me. But it's bigger than I was expecting, and considerably more than .aac, which typically does c. 50Mb for a whole album.

OK, file size is less of an issue that it used to be, but I'm looking at c. 100Gb on ALC, versus c. 10Gb as AAC (if I've done my maths right). And space is still limited on my iDevices, of course.
I'm wondering if I should convert my ALC files to AAC, or just carry on using AAC for the remainder. Basically: is the quality/size ratio worth the extra?

I'm not an audiophile who can hear the gaps between the samples but I'm just wondering if anyone has any thoughts. I'm also concerned about future compatibility.

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