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I am really fed up with this nonsense.

After Flash went silent on me (see previous post), I have downloaded and installed the Flash 9 beta, which did not fix the problem.

Then I've been able to hunt down (and it is damn well hidden) a place where other versions than 9 are available:

So I uninstalled version 9, then tried the updater for version 8 only to find out that it wouldn't install anything, because it was an updater, not an installer.

The real installers are far better hidden than that:

Inside those zipfiles, there are both the Mac and the Windows versions.

But sadly, even after re-installing 8.0 r24, still no sound.

Any ideas how to fix this mess ?


Just fixed it myself, it was incredibly simple:

I dumped the complete Macromedia Folder that lives in ~/Library/Preferences

That's all.

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