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aurora72 02-06-2013 01:53 PM

How to burn S. Leopard Install usb-harddisk to DVD?

I made a bootable S. Leopard USB Install harddisk from my S.Leopard Install DVD using Disk Utility's restore and used it to install S. Leopard on Mac mini successfully.

Now I don't have the DVD's anymore and want to use the harddisk to store other things and so I have to erase the harddisk, but before I do that I want to burn the bootable SL Install to DVD but I can't do that.

There seems to be no option in Disk Utiliy or Super Duper to do that. The harddisk is 40GB, but only about 4,5GB (the size of a typical SL Install) is used. How can I burn this to DVD?


DeltaMac 02-06-2013 03:26 PM

I suggest that you keep the installer, but move it to a flash drive.
You can just do a restore, through Disk Utility.
An 8 GB USB flash drive is great (and much faster to install than from a DVD), easy for less than $10.
Do that, then you can use your hard drive for whatever...

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