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RenBeeves 02-05-2013 10:16 AM

Install OS X 10.5 no DVD drive

I've got an old PPC G5 2.7g tower that I'd like to install OS X 10.5 onto it as that's as far as I can go.

I've got a install DVD only problem is the tower only has a CD-RW drive, can anyone tell me how I might be able to do a fresh install on this Mac??

is there a cd install version of Loepard 10.5, I do have a Mac Pro laptop if it helps in the process.

Many thanks


anthlover 02-05-2013 05:42 PM

No CD version (the image is around 6.5GB DL DVD, CD is only 700MB). You do not mention what OS is on the G5. Is the DVD Retail or Grey Model specific.

You could make a USB Stick 8gb or larger is a good size to have and you can also make bootable Snow and Lion and ML installers that way though the process is different. You could also use an external HD.

You do not mention what Macbook Pro you have but you can do Firewire target mode potentially between the computers.

USB DVD Drive External (even burners) are widely available for around $35. *** Your G5 came with a DVD/player/Burner not a CD player/burner.

I would argue that there is no harm in staying on 10.4 on that G5 its very fast.

Did you try putting the DVD in the G5 and restarting with C key held down?

DeltaMac 02-05-2013 06:29 PM

AFAIK, the PowerMac G5 did not ever come from Apple with a CD-RW, so the drive is not original anyway. Replace it with a good DVD burner. You would need to find a burner with PATA interface. Those PATA drives are quickly disappearing, but there's still good buys:
And, you can find a SATA PCI controller card to install, and you could then use the much-easier-to-find SATA burners.

Also - the G5 won't boot to a USB drive, so an external will need to be Firewire interface.

cpragman 02-05-2013 07:28 PM

Perhaps the DVD Share app on your Mac Pro Laptop will let you netboot the PPC Mac.
If not, for $20 you can install server on your Mac Pro laptop, and create a NetInstall image of the 10.5 DVD. Then you can NetBoot and NetInstall to your PPC Mac.

anthlover 02-05-2013 08:27 PM

I would not disagree with Delta.. I could have sworn the most late G4s and all G5 were supposed to be USB bootable. I do know that about a year ago I had to rescue the same vintage G5 and an early Intel Powermac and I did have trouble booting from USB on the former. I ended up creating a FW boot volume for the job partitioning one of my FW Hard Drives into a 8GB Partition and a Regular size one and I ran the installs from the HD.

You can use Disk Utility to restore the 10.5 Disk Image of the DVD from your Macbook pro to the 8GB partition. Macsales sells good ones, if you do not have a FW drive based system. When you do firewire its best to use something oxford chipset based or you can end up in heck. They start at around $100. There are options too if you already have drives.

We can not divine what your using the old G5 for but in general I would put money towards things that would be reusable like the multi-interface case from macsales. Nothing wrong with fixing up an old machine if there is a reason. Its true that a Sata inerface card wold let you use new things on the inside. I did see FW burners but there pricy.

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