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netta63 01-03-2013 07:58 AM

Packagemaker and destination folder
I am trying to find out if it is possible during an install to read a .plist file on a user's system, and install a file into a location listed in that .plist. Anyone have any ideas how to do this, and if it is even possible??

agentx 01-05-2013 01:44 PM

Yes. But PackageMaker is EOL product i don't really use it as other Tools exist that have always done a better job ( Iceberg (FREE) or Packages , Composer ( Commercial) and good for snapshots.

So you would have a pre-install script that would read the contents of file and determine if to continue i presume ? Then if all is Ok it continues to install a plist or manipulate it using Plistbuddy ;-)

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