View Full Version : iPhoto Creating Numerous Copies of Library

12-04-2008, 01:06 PM
In my office we have an OS X server which hosts multiple user profiles. Users log onto any of the Macs in the office with their respective log/pass and the server hosts out their profile to that specific machine. Applications are installed on the local machines but user's files are stored on the server.

My boss has been having serious issues on startup and shutdown during the profile sync process. The sync takes a very, very long time because in the iPhoto .dir there are hundreds and hundreds of copies of his iPhoto library (an app he doesn't use). I deleted all but one of the libraries but they came back.

He experiences this problem on both the Macs from which he accesses his profile. One of the Macs is a laptop and the other a Desktop. His profile is managed/mobile. When he is mobile and the computer can't sync there is obviously no problem but when he is on the network his productivity is seriously limited.

Please kindly request any other information that may be helpful in determining the root of this problem and I will retrieve it. Thank you.