View Full Version : problem with video file sizes on new ipod nano

10-06-2008, 09:03 PM
Hi, I have just purchased a new ipod nano, the tall one just released a few weeks ago, and am very happy with it... except regarding file sizes of video. It appears to only accept m4v files. When I convert .mov or .avi files in quicktime pro, using the "Export" function and choosing "iPod", it creates an m4v file and the file sizes do not reduce at all, even though the screen res of the ipod is far lower than the original video file.

I have tried reducing the files to ipod res in various file formats and have managed to get a 700Mb file down to around 100Mb which is acceptable, and the quality is still good. However, the ipod does not accept any of the file formats I have tried. So then I exported the 100Mb to create an m4v file to work on the ipod, expecting it to stay around 100Mb... but it goes back to 700Mb!

My understanding of video files is not great, but I am trying to learn and feel I am slowly getting more knowledgable. However, this makes no sense to me the way the file stays at 700Mb and has got me a little frustrated. Is it to do with the m4v format? Or is there another format the new ipod nano will accept I do not know about. Or is there a better way to convert an SD or HD .mov or .avi file to ipod res, that the new nano will accept (with significantly reduced file size but retaining pretty good quality)? I know the screen for the nano is 320 x 240 and an SD file can be 720 x 576 for example. I would just like to find a way to convert SD or HD size home movies to ipod nano size, with a good relative reduction in file size, so it doesn't fill up the nano too much. Thanks for your help in advance, and sorry for the essay long post :)