View Full Version : iPod Backup problems

09-14-2008, 07:28 AM
I have an iPod classic and I'm trying to back up all the music on it to a separate HD using CarbonCopyCloner.
I regularly backup files from my iMac using CCC and it's flawless; this includes whatever's on my iTunes library.
Thing is,I often bypass iTunes when ripping from a CD,going straight to iPod with the plugin 'RiptoiPod',one of 'Doug's scripts'-so in other words,there is no backup for what's on the iPod except for the original CD.
I tried backing up yesterday iPod-remote HD using CCC,but when I checked over the Backup HD (having transferred over 27Gb),the only record I could find was in the iTunes Music folder,where the folders for each album are listed but have no songs in them. What happened to the 27GB? there is nowhere else on the Backup HD with any record of the music. Am I missing something? The HD capacity has gone down by 27 Gb,so it must be somewhere.