View Full Version : Terminal: how to connect to serial port on a Sun

04-08-2008, 06:22 PM

It's been a while since I've had to put my mac laptop to work earning it's living
connecting via serial port of sun servers, and that was on my Pismo.
Now that I have my MBP for more than 18 months... please remind me what I need to do to make the connection. I have a Keyspan Hi-Speed USB-serial adapter and the driver installed. I'd like to use terminal, if possible, instead of
my old standby of Z-term. Yes, I'll be researching this myself anyway, but I'm looking for the best procedure that anyone has. I like the look and feel of terminal, the ability to vary its' transparency, etc.,... I also have the FTDI USB-serial adapter and driver installed (multiple windows? or will they conflict?) I'd really prefer to be able to connect to a number of boxes and configure them simultaneously or monitor them (such as when doing clustering... oh, ick, it has been a while and I'd hoped to be out of this permanently!!!). again, you kind assistance with this is *GREATLY* appreciated.