View Full Version : XBOX 360/ Airport IP Problems... Again

02-28-2008, 10:35 AM
Hello there...

I bought an XBox 360 wireless adapter and am trying to connect it so that I could get wireless from the Airport base station I have hooked up to my G5 at home. However it is not working because it is not getting an IP address.

I searched the forums and tried everything that people on it have suggested. I removed the password to the network, but still was unable to connect. Entered the IP adress manually, still nothing.

Before I got the wireless adapter, I connected the Xbox to the internet by running an ethernet cable between 2 rooms from the xbox and the airport. So this morning I did the same thing and got an IP address that way. I then unplugged the cable and plugged in the wireless adapter, using the IP address that the XBox got from the ethernet wire connection. The wireless worked fine and was getting a signal.

After a few minutes I was disconnected and tried tried to reconnect, but was unable to because it wasnt receiving an IP address again. I typed it in manually again, but denied a connection because the IP address that 2 minutes ago worked, was no longer valid.

What gives? Anyone know what the problem is? I searched all the forums and have not seen anyone who has had the saem thing happen to them.