View Full Version : MacBook Hard Drive problem..any ideas?

02-14-2008, 12:14 AM
I have read a few posts on here about similar problems, what i have is a macbook with a 60g HD, 2006 model I believe. purchased it mid last year

short story is...I couldn't get itunes to open so I thought it must be a good time to reboot, well in doing that I could not load the drive, I would get the prohibition sign upon restart(what gives). I Let it sit an then the shell screen appears and tells me it has an error loading the "Mach_Kernel".

Luckily I have the hd partitioned with boot camp with xp on it, I reboot with it tried a bunch of stuff, nothing worked until I deleted the boot prefs from the OS X, rebooted into OS X and it finally loads=)...backed up a few more things, decided it would be a good time to reformat the OS X side, upon reformatted with zeros and then try to reinstall system soft, can't do that do to a HD Failure:( now after reformatting my hd, disk utility says my drive is failing, but I can still use win xp on the other partition, which is cool for now

My questions are
1)What causes something like this to happen, i have used this cpu for 8 or 9 months now
2) Do the Apple retail stores sell replacement HD's? like hopefully have them in stock,because I start school at the end of next week, and it would be just Friggin great if I had my cpu. since I will be out of town.

I do consider myself fairly lucky I had a chance to back up most OF what I needed, from what I have read these drives, once they start failing, they can't be deectedby any sofwtare to retrieve data.

02-14-2008, 11:26 PM
It's unfortunate that you decided to erase, rather than repair your partition. Zeroing the drive does nothing beneficial in a situation like this. All it really does is shorten the life of your drive.

Any 2.5" SATA drive will work in your MacBook. It's very easy to replace yourself with nothing but a small phillips screwdriver. Just remove the shield in the battery bay to access the drive.

02-15-2008, 12:06 AM
Ah I see, Thanks for the reply,i ordered another drive, duplicate, Still able to use the second partition....lessoned learn, don't zero the drives. Still very proud of my mac, just would have thought it might of lasted bit longer, without having such a serious problem. Thank you