View Full Version : Leopard and the Airport Disk Utility

01-27-2008, 10:09 PM
Ok, Don't know if this is useful to anyone else, but here it goes.

So I upgraded the hard drive on my MacBook Pro this week.. <Insert Long story about blah blah blah>

I took the older drive (Along with 2 other drives) and connected them to the Airport Basestation I have upstairs in my office for shared drive space.

As those of you who use Leopard know, this is a fairly unreliable situation. So, the solution I have discovered is to put the drives in Account Mode and then run the installer off the Airport Extreme Basestation CD. This won't do much of anything other than make you reboot and install the "Airport Disk Utility" once that is installed, the disks seem to work as advertised.

Hope this helps.