View Full Version : Files disappearing on NSLU2 (accessed from Leopard)

12-08-2007, 05:03 PM
Have been using a LinkSys NSLU2 (a mini LINUX based server) as a backup device (with a 500GB drive attached) with no problems, with Tiger as my OS. Good copy speeds, generally better than the drive connected directly into a USB 2 port (it was formatted as Mac extended when I used it like that, and as EXT3 now it's on the server). However, when I upgraded to Leopard, all my files (on the NSLU2) disappeared. I checked using Safari to log in and browse the server, and the files were actually still there, just invisible in Leopard. I tried Path Finder to see if the files files were just flagged as invisible, but could see nothing with that either. I've absolutely no idea what was going on. So, after several other annoyances & incompatibilities which I won't go into here, I reverted back to Tiger and lo & behold, all my files have come back. Weird. If anyone has an explanation, I'd be grateful!